Vaishnavi Life
Bellary Road, Bangalore

2 & 3 BHK Luxury Homes

Starting from ₹On Request

Project Advantages:-
Total land - 14 Acres Total apartments - 1100


Situated in a scenic setting that supervises Bengaluru, Vaishnavi Bellary Road is a comfy housing development like no other. It comprises beautiful high-rise towers offering breathtaking views and peaceful living in Bangalore’s most desired address.

Rising above the Bengaluru horizon, the Vaishnavi Life Bellary Road houses comfy 2 & 3-Bed private dwellings with spectacular bird's-eye views from every angle, personifying superiority and sophistication. The towers signify a new era of modern living for the chosen few. The Vaishnavi Bellary Road Bangalore is a reflection of its surroundings, a fanciful concept with infinite promises that seeks to be the latest sign in Bangalore’s extensive skyline.

The tower is glossy in nature and has been planned to maximize views with its central location. Charming backdrop, unhindered views of the serene region, and the grand Bellary Road Racecourse will surround those who will call the Upcoming Vaishnavi Life Bellary Road home.

The lively neighborhood boasts an excessive existence with a plethora of picks from dining and entertaining to relaxation and creativity. Inspired by the viewpoint of an upright city, the beautifully balanced construction of the Vaishnavi New Launch at Bellary Road evokes modern aesthetics and a sense of time and residence.

Well-organized spaces with floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the Master Bedroom, welcome freshening and bathe the apartment with natural light. Planned around the ideologies of Biophilia, dwellings in the Vaishnavi Bellary Road Bangalore melodiously connect nature with the built atmosphere, making a stable and well lifestyle for its inhabitants.

Amid the worthy background of Bangalore City, the modernized structure of the Vaishnavi Group’s Apartments at Bellary Road captures the pace of its environs with its inspiring stature, beautiful glass frontage, and framed pinnacle at the top. It really is a pleasant-sounding blend of modernism, form, and function. The premium outside materials complements the sophisticated interior spaces, making the Vaishnavi New Launch Apartments Bellary Road an indisputable masterwork.


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